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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Malaysian Agreement

State Reform Party (Star), on Monday called on all Sabahans to commemorate the day of the signing of the Malaysian Agreement in London on July 9, forty nine years ago.

It also called on the Government, especially the Prime Minister, to honour the original contents of the deal and at the same time for Sabahans to realise the importance of the day, which involved Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, Federation of Malaya and the British Government, agreeing to form Malaysia.

The people also need to know of the things that happened between the date of the signing until the announcement on Sept. 16, the party said.

"Commemoration of this day is line with the struggle of Star which is according to the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement. We call upon the government to return our rights as stated in the 1963 agreement," said Star Deputy Chairman, Awg Ahmad Shah at the party's office in Kepayan.

He said the government needs to make sure that all the rights are given back to Sabah as a sovereign country, which together with Sarawak and Singapore formed Malaysia with the Federation of Malaya.

Awg Ahmad said it is not part of the spirit of the agreement that Sabah and Sarawak become states under the Federation.

The party also questioned whether Malaysia today is what was according to what was sealed in the Malaysian Agreement. Member Datuk James Ligunjang, meanwhile, said July 9 is a day Malaysia was born and its a day that should be celebrated nationwide.

"I think in Sabah and Sarawak we should take offence that the birth of Malaysia is Aug 31, 1957 É the national day now is celebrated on a national scale based on the same timeline.

"This is a deliberated distortion of national history.

We cannot allow this distortion and should be sincere towards the commission of this country," he said.

He said what Sabahans want is the rights of Sabahans honoured by all parties.

He also said all the distortions should be noted to keep the country in better perspective and for the next generation to understand.

"Any deliberate distortion of history will cause dissatisfaction and will not be very good for the future of the country," he said.

He said every Malaysian should have a fair share of their resources and to do business in their own country according to what was inked by the signatory.

He also stressed that the agreement should not be distorted but honored according to its original agreement.

Among those present at the commemoration was Deputy Chairman, Daniel John Jambun, Guandee Kohoi, Melanie Annol, Dr Anthony Tibok, Morris Miji, Datuk Patrick Sindu, Bernard Solibun, Roseline Dion, Juliana Siton and others.

Daily Express.

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